My company has been involved with the initial testing of the Forestsafe Health & Safety App

Once all employees were entered into the system their names appear on each form which saves a lot of entering of information.

Electronic forms available to use were Induction, Safety Inspection, Hazard ID, Safety Meeting, Accident Report, Near Miss and Pre-employment, these were able to be saved as PDF’s and automatically emailed direct to my email, Principal, and storage file so no paper was involved.

Using either my i-phone or laptop I had access to all policies and procedures and other forms like Safe Tree Felling Plan, Temporary Traffic Management Form, Training, Working Alone, Visitor and Preferred Service Agent.

The amazing thing about this system is all electronic forms are available even if you have no internet service by staying logged in and when back in service will pop up ready to email.

The system is regularly updated to stay current with legistration and I receive email’s when this happens.

The whole system is available to me as an owner and I can nominate a Health & Safety Manager who has full access as well and then each employee can have access to all policies and procedures and general information but only has access to certain forms like Accident Reports and Inductions and they only see their own forms.

So overall I feel this Health & Safety App is a real asset to my business making Health & Safety easier for myself and my crew and can recommend this to all.

Jeremy Hayes

Operation Manager
Dennis Hayes Logging